Computer Science Major FAQ

Related Courses

Related courses for the BS need to follow a few rules. They must be all from the same field (or very related like math and stats) and a field to which you can apply computer science.

Some fields that are automatically approved are chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, economics, mathematics, statistics, and linguistics.

They cannot be CMSC courses (if they are cross-listed, you must consult the major advisor), "mathematical methods of X" courses (because that's a math course, not an X course, satisfied through AP credit performance courses (music, art, drama), foreign language courses, or going towards a minor degree.

For the following fields, you may choose from the following pre-approved courses in that area:

If your interests lie farther afield, make sure you get them approved before you take them. You will need to make a case for why the courses you are taking are something to which you could apply your computer science skills.